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Additional Information

Additional Information

The Additional Information section contains seminal documents to the programme and Safe Staffing Healthy Workplaces unit.


While not used to directly support the implementation of the CCDM programme, they will allow the reader to understand the logic and rationale that has bought us to this point. Document looking to the future is also included to allow us to have a clear view of the future for both the SSHW unit and CCDM programme.

This document outlines SSHW strategic model and direction for the future. An outline of the goals and strategies to achieve this, with measurable objective that allows us to monitor our progress.

The Memorandum of Understanding clearly outlines the relationship between the CCDM programme and the acuity tool vendor. This document will assist other agencies in understanding which organisation to contact if support is required.

This inquiry report defines the essential components of safe stating and healthy workplaces, outlines the evidence that supports their inclusion, lists the recommendations for achieving the TOR, and set out an action plan.

Evaluating the Implementation of Care Capacity Demand Management (CCDM) Tool Kit

CCDM Standards

Generic CCDM Evaluation Pack

Qualitative Assessment Tool v2

The Evaluation of Implementation of CCDM Tool Kit consists of the materials required to complete a self-assessment, and be externally assessed for implementation. 

Allied Health, Scientific and Technical Care Capacity Demand Management - additional resources

TrendCare v3.6.1 upgrade powerpoint

TrendCare Allied Health "Gold Standards"

Additional resources which provide further information assist with the implementation and use of CCDM for Allied Health, Scientific and Technical workforces.

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